NABL - Location Kochi accredited as per ISO/IEC 17025: 2017, vide certificate No. TC-6338                                                                 AGMARK - QUALITY CERTIFICATION MARK FOR AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS.                                                                 APEDA - AGRICULTURAL & PROCESSED FOOD EXPORT DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY                                                                 POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD                                                                 EIC - EXPORT INSPECTION COUNCIL, GOVT. OF INDIA                                                                 DRUGS CONTROL DEPARTMENT - KERALA                                                                 TEA BOARD OF INDIA                                                                 FSSAI - FOOD SAFETY STANDARD AUTHORITY OF INDIA                                                                  BIS - BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS                                                              

Drugs & Cosmetics Testing Laboratory

Drugs Testing Laboratory

Analysis of Raw materials & Finished Products as per pharmacopeias like IP/USP/BP

Pharmaceutical tests

  • Identification by HPLC, TLC, FTIR, UV-Spectrophotometer
  • Physical Tests: Disintegration, Dissolution, Optical Rotation, Refractive index, pH, Specific Gravity, Water content, Melting Range, Uniformity of content, Uniformity of weight etc.
  • Impurities & Related substances by TLC, HPLC
  • Assay: Titrimetry, HPLC, UV- spectrophotometer, Flame photometer

Biological tests

  • Microbial limit test
  • Detection of Pathogens
  • Sterility testing
  • Bacterial endotoxin test by LAL test


Cosmetics Testing Laboratory


  • Testing as per Bureau of Indian standard (BIS) requirement

  • Heavy metal analysis
  • Microbiology testing for microbial counts & pathogens

Our lab is approved by Drugs controller department under Drugs & Cosmetic Act for testing of Drugs & cosmetics products and we can provide the test report on FORM 39

We are also accredited by NABL as per the standard ISO 17025:2017 vide certificate no. TC-6338, valid upto 20.10.2021, for Chemical Testing of Drugs & Pharmaceutical products.